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Ideal Owner

  • Fish jumping from a small fishbowl to a larger one.Gold skeleton key in the shape of a dollar sign.The best franchisees are highly motivated and ambitious people who want to run multiple locations and are focused on rapid market penetration. The candidate should have a minimum net worth of $1millon with at least $300K liquid (including retirement accounts). Some markets will require higher minimums depending on the size of the market. The most successful franchisees typically have run or owned another business before buying into the 1-800-Radiator & A/C franchise network. This is not to say this is a prerequisite, but most of the top quartile franchisees have similar backgrounds.

    Success in this business is highly dependent on the amount of sales and marketing activity conducted by the franchisee, so it comes as little surprise that franchisees with a sales management background really enjoy and do well with this business.

    One skill which seems to make little difference is knowledge of automotive parts and vehicles. The System has been designed to take all the “expertise” out of consideration.