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Next Steps

  • If you are interested in pursuing this franchise concept further, here is a list of due diligence items to focus on:

      • Contact Us

        Call us at 866-780-9392 or email us at and we will provide to you an application and request for financial and other information to begin the process.

        You can also fill out our franchisee questionnaire here.

      • Speak with Existing Owners

        You are strongly encouraged to speak with our current and former franchisees. The tougher the questions you ask the better. The best way to determine if this business is right for you is to speak with a lot of franchisees. Your best due diligence is to always ask what it is that makes them successful and unsuccessful!

      • System Tour

        After talking with some franchisees, our team will schedule a webinar for you to view our system in a live environment. This should give you the best idea of the exciting tools designed to help you excel. You will spend about an hour looking at our CRM tool, inventory stocking and ordering, and a variety of dashboard reports to see how our franchisees are able to tell where they rank and what specific actions are needed to improve.

      • Competitor Profile

        Again we will schedule a webinar to answer the following questions:

        1. Who are my primary competitors?
        2. What are their strengths/weaknesses?
        3. What do customers in my market look for in a supplier?
        4. What is the perception of 1-800-Radiator & A/C?

        We will load up a current customer list of all customers (buyers and non-buyers) in the territory and based on the notes in CRM we will decide together which ones we will call together. We will survey them to get answers to the above questions. This will set the stage for you to do additional customer contacts in person and via the phone to continue your due diligence to further understand the questions above.

      • Discover Day at our Headquarters

        Once you’ve made it through the above steps you will want to come visit us. You will meet our entire executive team and see how the different support structures detailed above actually work. If we feel there is a good fit, we would then give you our official approval to proceed with a purchase of a franchise territory.

    So if you are interested just give us a call us at 866-780-9392 or email us at