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    • Training

      Keyboard with a key for support.A big part of the 1-800-Radiator & A/C marketing effort is the training and ongoing corporate support. All new franchisees spend two weeks learning how the market works and how to foster lasting and profitable relationships with customers. New franchisees also learn about the 1-800-Radiator & A/C lifetime guaranty. In-depth training is provided on how to use the best computer system in the industry to maximize time spent marketing to customers and minimize time spent on bookwork and other non-productive activities. Franchisees are taught how to grow their territories quickly and efficiently.

    • Franchise Support

      A dedicated line is staffed six days a week just for franchisees to call with any and all issues, questions and ideas they have about their businesses. This group answers about one hundred calls daily with questions ranging across all aspects of the business.

    • Call Center

      Call center support team.The call center, at corporate headquarters in Northern California, acts as a back-stop for customers calling their local franchise Owner. All customer calls will rollover to the call center if the calls are not answered by the local warehouse within three rings. This is a powerful aid to a franchisee when:

      • The local franchisee's phone lines are all tied up
      • Employees have momentarily stepped away from phones
      • Afterhours when the local warehouse is closed
      • During Sundays and major holidays

      Call center employees use the same web based point-of-sale-system as the local franchisees when fielding these calls so they will quote accurate parts availability and pricing for customers. The call center is open 16 hours each day during the week and for 15 hours on weekend days. Most franchisees are open for calls 9 hours on weekdays, 6 hours on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays. 1-800-Radiator & A/C prescribes the required opening hours and days.

    • Sales & Marketing

      Regional Sales Managers at 1-800 Radiator & A/C.Each franchisee has a full-time Regional Sales Manager (SM) dedicated to helping integrate different sales and marketing campaigns into his business. These SM’s will also administer training for their franchisee's new and existing employees via webinars. The SM’s main focus is to help their franchisees grow their businesses.

    • Purchasing

      Each franchisee also has an Inventory Manager whose primary focus is to maintain franchisee's inventory levels to maximize in-stock rates and maintain efficient low-cost on hand dollar amounts. This group shifts its focus depending on the time of year and the region where the franchisee is operating – for example, in the winter when roads are slippery the focus shifts more heavily to front end crash items vs. the summer time focus on air conditioning parts. The 1-800-Radiator & A/C state-of-the-art inventory system helps the franchisees to stock their shelves according to the seasonality as well as accelerating sales projections.

    • Technology

      Franchisees are provided 24-7 technology support covering software, hardware and phones. Since systems are vital to selling parts, significant resources are devoted to making sure phones are always working and systems are always up. In the past five years total system down-time has averaged less than three hours per year – and even then backup systems were active so that franchisees could continue selling parts.

      Racks of servers at a data center.Phone and keyboard being used simultaneously.Software development is always ongoing to develop enhanced tools to maximize franchisee productivity. Tools that maximize profitability and minimize time spent on back office functions like inventory ordering, book keeping, and employee reporting are always a focus for 1-800-Radiator & A/C.

      On the hardware side (NetOps), machines used by franchisees and their employees are built at the Corporate Headquarters for use at the franchisees’ locations. This is done so that, when there are issues with computers, the NetOps group can access the computer remotely from Headquarters and troubleshoot the issues on-line quickly.

      1-800-Radiator & A/C's phone support group (Telcom) is focused on maximizing telephonic up-time. A very sophisticated phone routing system monitors and directs more than 20,000 daily inbound phone calls from a bank of 300 plus unique toll free numbers to exactly the franchisee's warehouse best positioned to service the customer.

    • Profit Team (Accounting)

      Each franchisee has a Profitability Manager, working directly with the franchisee building budgets, tracking variance reporting to these budgets and then recommending improvements to reach that franchisee’s financial goals. As new products are added, or as the business grows with more employees, the Profitability Manager helps the franchisee to streamline continued growth in a profitable way to minimize risk.